Teaspoon is the cafe's little sister located next door to Spoonful at 543A High Street. Drop in for a takeaway coffee, salad, soup or sandwich for lunch, or a dinner to take home when there’s nothing in the fridge.

At the Counter

A selection of sandwiches, rolls, pastries and cakes, made in house and sourced from Brioche and Burnham Bakery.

In the Fridge

A range of take-away meals made daily in the Spoonful kitchen. Fresh, nutritious and delicious. Pastas, braises and salads. Call us to find out what’s in the fridge today.

Homewares & Produce

On our shelves we stock our favourite pantry items, not a huge selection, but only the ones we really love. Fruity green olive oils, sweet jams and salty anchovies. A packet of chips to have with a beer, a nice biscuit to have with your tea, or a sweet treat to devour after dinner.

We also stock a changing selection of our favourite bits and pieces from Imperial Russian porcelain to Urban Rituelle candles. Ideal gifts for everyday and special occasions.